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International Conflict

This section presents reports and positions on international conflict in South Asia
Date Event Summary
27 April 2002 European Dilemma Despite protesting against Israeli incursions into Palestinian territory, European leaders remain indecisive on any action against Israel. Meanwhile, the racial hatred of West Asia manifests itself in Europe, particularly in France.
10 April 2002 World leaders for consensus on ME policy MADRID, April 9: Americans, Russians, Europeans and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan head to Madrid today (Wednesday) in an attempt to coordinate efforts to end the violence in the Middle East with prospects for future coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians looking bleaker than ever.
05 April 2002 When Bush comes to shove It has been a long time coming, but President Bush has finally engaged with the West Asian crisis which his administration has skirted for so many months. One American commentator recently called on the United States to wake up, and behave, for God's sake, like a superpower”. On Thursday, Bush seemed to be acting on such advice. When the rhetoric, and long exposition of anti-terrorist principles, are set aside, at the heart of his speech was a series of orders.
04 March 2002 Air Marshal plane hit by Pak. fire NEW DELHI, MARCH. 4. Pakistani forces opened fire and hit an Air Force AN-32 transport aircraft carrying V.K. Bhatia, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Air Command, in the Kargil sector in the last week of February as he was inspecting troop preparedness on the border, highly-placed defence sources said.
17 February 2002 Pak accuses India of putting Indus treaty in suspension Pakistan has accused India of virtual suspending the operational part of the Indus Basin Treaty by not responding to Islamabad's concerns over the construction of the Baglihar power project on the river Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir.
14 February 2002 Hawk spreads its wings This week will see the biggest test of Democracy since George Bush managed to lose the popular vote and win the White House. The fourth largest electorate in the world - bigger than Brazil, Indonesia or Russia - is going to the polls and looks as if it might stem the tide of Hindu nationalism in India. After the best part of a decade, voters in state elections are likely to toss out the Bharatiya Janata party from its north India powerbases in Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal and remove its allies in the Punjab.
14 February 2002 North and South of Terrorism People in south Asia watch with dismay, anxiety, and restiveness as ruling powers in their countries recklessly proceed towards fulfilling private agendas that have little to do with issues of livelihood and well being. Peace seems on the road to being destroyed to a point of no return in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is president Bush and the ruling powers in the US who would be laughing all the way as interests of people in south Asia and in the western world are compromised at the altar of the fight against terrorism.
12 February 2002 Cultural flows across a blurred boundary South Asias blurred cultural boundaries are being given sharp edges with frontiers full of patrolling soldiers, the raising of border security forces, and even barbed barricades and floodlights. As time passes, the cultural rivers on the two sides find their own separate courses and the divergence begins. Fortunately, there is one frontier of South Asia that has not yet succumbed to this need to irreparably separate, demarcate, define. The thousand-kilometre open frontier between Nepal and India is often decried in both countries as an abomination, for it is said to undercut Nepali sovereignty on the one hand and Indias economic and political security on the other. However, this very lack of rigidity of the Nepal-India boundary is what makes it most natural and historically evolved. It reflects and nurtures the cultural sameness across the frontier, and could be a harbinger of the kind of frontier one would hope to see, for example, between India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh. The story hidden under the topsoil of the Ganga plains is that two countries can have an unbolted border, a peopled frontier where communities are neighbouring and friendly as they were meant to be in this part of the world. The border between the Nepal Tarai and Bihar/Uttar Pradesh provide the prototype for the other land frontiers of South Asia.
11 February 2002 No formal ceasefire agreement yet in Sri Lanka Feb 11, Colombo: The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Colombo said that there was yet no formal ceasefire agreement presented to the Sri Lanka government and the LTTE. The government and the LTTE are observing a self-declared ceasefire and the Norwegians are attempting to make it a permanent one before it expires on Feb 24.
10 February 2002 Nationalism gone berserk The growing hubris-driven, illiberal, intolerant, nationalism in India falsifies and glorifies the country's "Hindu" past. It is viscerally hostile to Pakistan, but servile to the United States.
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