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A diabolic act: Sonia

8 Apr 2002


By Our Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI APRIL 7. The Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, today criticised the ``unprovoked and diabolical attack'' on mediapersons in Gujarat and said it ``exposed the autocratic nature'' of the State Government.

``It is an act of desperation of a morally-bankrupt regime that is totally alienated from the people,'' she said in a statement. The party unequivocally condemned the attack and defiling of the sanctity of the Sabarmati Ashram.

Demanding that the Gujarat Government bring the culprits to book swiftly, she said, that would add immensely to a sense of security among the people at large.

Unfortunate, says Samata

The Samata Party, a constituent of the National Democratic Alliance, termed the attack as ``unfortunate'' and demanded that the State Government take immediate action.

The party spokesman, Shambu Shrivastwa, suggested that the BJP leadership in Delhi seriously consider changing the Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, for his inability to ``control the marauding mobs'' in the State.

He said the State had been under control of mobs for over a month and it appeared that Mr. Modi lacked the administrative will or competence or both to check it. ``The Samata Party feels that Mr. Modi has failed to discharge his constitutional responsibility properly and is constrained to request the BJP leadership to change Mr. Modi which would help in restoring a sense of security among the people,'' he said.

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