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LTTE group addresses public in Vavuniya

2 Apr 2002


Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 11.15 a.m. SLT Tuesday April 2 . Melavan who led a team of eight Tiger cadres and crossed forward defence lines at Vilakkuvaiththakulam, north of the border town of Vavuniya, yesterday, under the terms of the cease-fire agreement between the government and the LTTE has said he is confident peace will evolve this time around and that 70% of the Tamil people want peace.

Addressing a public meeting at the Urban Council ground sin Vavuniya Melavan had reiterated that he is deeply sorry about the lives that have been lost as a result of the 19 year long war, but that he is certain the majority of people living in Sri Lanka all want a final and lasting negotiated solution to the conflict.

The group received a rousing welcome at the Sri Lanka Army entry point by members of the public, traders and students from Vavuniya town. A Sri Lankan Army officer was also on hand to greet the group.

Reports in Colombo said the Tigers had entered government held territory in Vavuniya to carry out political work and open an office for the LTTE.

Reports from Vavuniya said that Tamil National Alliance MPs for the Vanni, Mr. Raja Kuhaneswaran (TELO) and Mr. Sivasakthi Anandan (EPRLF) and local TNA politicians, including, Mr. Kulathevarajah were also at Vilakkuvaiththakulam to welcome the Tigers. Published: Tue Apr 2 01:03:58 EST 2002 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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