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Background, Positions, Implications

Articles providing background information, positions, and reflections on the implications of the war
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An Imperial Nightmare: An Imperial Nightmare: "If the US and Britain are set on a continuing course of armed intervention, punitive sanctions and multinational colonies, that is a recipe for indefinite war...." (Seumas Milne, Guardian UK)
Video and transcript of Alliance hosted talk by Noam Chomsky Video and transcript of Alliance hosted talk by Noam Chomsky on the Middle-Eastern Crises (Dec 2000)
The algebra of infinite justice The algebra of infinite justice "Operation Enduring Freedom is ostensibly being fought to uphold the American Way of Life. It'll probably end up undermining it completely." (Arundhati Roy, Guardian UK, 9/29/2001)
Terror, Love and The State of the World Terror, Love and The State of the World "Approximately 6,000 people perished in the September 11th attacks. Our nation reels from that despicable brutality. But those who died from the attacks on that tragic day were not alone. On September 11th, 35,000 children worldwide died of hunger. A similar number of children died on September 12th, and again on the 13th, and on every single day since then...."
Hypocrisy, hatred and the war on terror "Air campaign"? "Coalition forces"? "War on terror"? How much longer must we go on enduring these lies? There is no "campaign" – merely an air bombardment of the poorest and most broken country in the world by the world's richest and most sophisticated nation. No MIGs have taken to the skies to do battle with the American B-52s or F-18s. The only ammunition soaring into the air over Kabul comes from Russian anti-aircraft guns manufactured around 1943. (Robert Fisk, Independent)
Bombs vs. Butter THE scales of justice cannot be balanced by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghans.
Iraqi Sanctions Gruesome Toll I thought I had a strong stomach--toughened by the minefields and foul frontline hospitals of Angola, by the handiwork of the death squads in Haiti and by the wholesale butchery of Rwanda. But I nearly lost my breakfast last week at the Basrah Maternity and Children's Hospital in southern Iraq.
A buildup in search of an enemy THE DEFEAT of Hitler, coming only weeks after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, marked the end of one era and the beginning of another, when the Soviet Union went immediately from being America's indispensable partner to being America's nemesis.
BUSH ASKS CONGRESS TO LIMIT 9-11 PROBE President Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) to limit the congressional investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, congressional and White House sources told CNN Jan. 29.
America and its imperial war Never was victory so bitter. Those liberals who supported the war in Afghanistan, and so confidently declared that their values had triumphed in November, must now be feeling a little exposed. Precisely who has lost, and what the extent of their loss may be, is yet to be determined, but there can now be little doubt that the dangerous and illiberal people who control the US military machine have won. The bombing of Afghanistan is already starting to look like the first shot in a new imperial war.
US looking for ways to help Pakistan: Support for Delhi-Islamabad talks reaffirmed WASHINGTON, Feb 12: Coinciding with General Pervez Musharraf's first official visit to Washington, the United States has expressed its backing for a dialogue between Pakistan and India ...
Can the US be defeated? Those who have argued that America's war on terror would fail to defeat terrorism have, it turns out, been barking up the wrong tree. Ever since President Bush announced his $45bn increase in military spending and gave notice to Iraq, Iran and North Korea that they had "better get their house in order" or face what he called the "justice of this nation", it has become ever clearer that the US is not now primarily engaged in a war against terrorism at all.
Mullahs and Heretics I never believed in God, not even between the ages of six and ten, when I was an agnostic. This unbelief was instinctive. I was sure there was nothing else out there but space. It could have been my lack of imagination. In the jasmine-scented summer nights, long before mosques were allowed to use loudspeakers, it was enough to savour the silence, look up at the exquisitely lit sky, count the shooting stars and fall asleep. The early morning call of the muezzin was a pleasant alarm-clock.
Islam and the Muslims What Islam means, or is made to mean, to the Muslims around the world, is one of the great issues of our times, unsurpassed in the interest that it evokes, the intensity of the feelings that it generates, and in its unforeseeable future ramifications for the world at large.
A conversation with RAWA member Tahmeena Faryal On December 3, 2001 members of the Boston based Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia and the Boston College Faculty for Social Justice and a Humane Foreign Policy hosted Tahmeena Faryal, a representative of RAWA. The following are excerpts from the conversation that took place between members of these organizations, independent individuals and a member of Solidarity.
US considering investment in Pak oil and gas sector ISLAMABAD: US trade and investment delegation shows willingness to support oil and gas pipeline projects from Central Asia to Pakistan, once a political decision is made.
Is It Better Now? They needed translators at the Walter Reade Theater last week when Italian doctor Gino Strada appeared to speak about his work with the victims of war in Afghanistan. The good doctor's English wasn't the problem. It was his reality that the New York audience was ill-equipped to understand.
The arms bazaar An array of arms, ammunition and other assorted military hardware is on offer before India, which now has a significantly enhanced budget allocation for defence.

The Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia was formed in 1993 to combat rising religious intolerance in South Asia and to campaign for peace and justice in the region. We are committed to working towards a just, non-violent resolution of the crisis we are currently living through. If you are interested in joining us in this work, please call 617-983-3934 or e-mail

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