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Civil Liberties Abuses and Hate Crimes

Reports on abuses of civil liberties and hate crimes in the aftermath of September 11
Date Event Summary
31 January 2002 THE DOMESTIC ROUNDUP As Authorities Keep Up Immigration Arrests, Detainees Ask Why They Are Targets
18 December 2001 FREE SPEECH WINS FBI VISIT 60-year-old retired San Francisco phone-company worker Barry Reingold says he was visited at his home by FBI agents after getting into a political discussion at his local gym.
05 December 2001 300,000 foreigners who disappeared after being ordered deported The names of more than 300,000 foreigners who disappeared after being ordered deported will be entered in a crime database so police can help track them down, the Immigration and Naturalization Service said Wednesday.
11 November 2001 Harsh Civics Lesson for Immigrants "The startling new lesson about this country for the immigrant owner, accountant, maitre d' and busboy at the Crazy Tomato restaurant was forced upon them a month ago in a incident known as the perp walk.
09 November 2001 U.S. to listen in on some inmate-lawyer talks "The U.S. Justice Department's new rule to listen in on conversations between some inmates and their lawyers in an effort to prevent terrorist acts drew criticism on Friday from a civil liberties group, the legal profession and a key senator in Congress...."
09 November 2001 Justice Dept. to share number in federal custody, INS arrests "The Justice Department announced yesterday it will no longer issue a running tally of the number of people detained around the country as law enforcement officials investigate the Sept. 11 hijackings and try to prevent further terrorist attacks...."
05 November 2001 Ill-Fated Path to America, Jail and Death "They found him around 10:30 on the morning of Oct. 23, lying face up on his cot, inside a first-floor cell in the Hudson County Correctional Center in New Jersey. Muhammad Rafiq Butt, a native of Pakistan, had been arrested for being in the country illegally, one of hundreds who had been picked up on the basis of tips from an anxious public in the days after the Sept. 11 attack on the trade center...." (New York Times)
04 November 2001 Summary of the Provisions of the new Anti-Terrorism Act A Summary of the Provisions of the new Anti-Terrorism Act-USA Patriot Act Along With Comments and Concerns
01 November 2001 Detained Without Charges "A number of people detained on immigration violations are being held in solitary confinement in a Brooklyn, N.Y., federal prison, even though they haven't been criminally charged...." (The Wall Street Journal)
29 October 2001 Detentions After Attacks Pass 1,000 WASHINGTON, DC: Justice Department officials said today that the number of people who had been detained in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks had surpassed 1,000, and civil liberties advocates said the government's refusal to disclose the identities of those held and the charges against them raised the possibility of secret detentions.
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