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Civil Liberties Abuses and Hate Crimes

Reports on abuses of civil liberties and hate crimes in the aftermath of September 11
Date Event Summary
28 March 2002 POTO - RAJYA SABHA Less than 48 hours after POTO was passed in the other house, came reports that the ordinance has been selectively & widely used against Muslims in Gujarat, specifically, those involved in the Godhra incident. 62 people, ALL MUSLIMS, have been booked under POTO - NOT ONE of the over 800 arrested for violence in Ahmedabad & other areas of Gujarat, have been booked under POTO ...
06 March 2002 Race War Those of us who opposed the bombing of Afghanistan warned that the war between nations would not stop there. Now, as Tony Blair prepares the British people for an attack on Iraq, the conflict seems to be proliferating faster than most of us predicted. But there is another danger, which we have tended to neglect: that of escalating hostilities WITHIN the nations waging this war.
18 February 2002 US Muslims concerned at "anti-Islam" remarks American Muslim groups have urged Attorney General John Ashcroft to retract his remarks against Islam.
18 February 2002 I know what Camp X-Ray feels like The first thing they do is cover your eyes. They make you strip to make sure you're not carrying anything. They replace your clothes with uniforms that are not clothes at all. They chain you by hand and foot. They drag you away and leave you on your own. They interrogate you. They say you are going to die if you won't talk. They feed you - you're not much good to them if you starve to death.
17 February 2002 VHP begins 100-day yagya at Ayodhya Brushing aside Prime Minister's statement that all concerned should await the court verdict on Ayodhya issue, VHP on Sunday began a 100-day Sri Ram Naam Jap Yagya at Karsevakpuram as part of its programme for construction of Ram Temple here.
16 February 2002 Judge Rejects Long Prison Term In one of the more puzzling cases to emerge from the Sept. 11 investigation, a federal judge in Brooklyn imposed a six-month jail sentence yesterday on an Egyptian man who entered the country with a fake pilot's uniform in his luggage.
15 February 2002 Anti-racist of Indian descent removed from plane, interrogated by FBI Vik Chaubey, an associate of mine for a number of years in People Against Racist Terror (PART) divides his time between LA (where his folks live) and NYS (where he attends graduate school). He is of "East" Indian descent, has worked with DRUM (a south Asian organization in NY) as well as with PART and in the prison rights movement here in southern California. He was heading back to NY this week to return to graduate school upstate and continue his graduate studies, when he got pulled from his flight and was forced to undergo several hours of interrogation -- at gunpoint -- by the FBI, Long Beach cops, and security for JetBlue Airlines which has inexpensive flights from the Long Beach airport to the east coast.
13 February 2002 Right to protest India and Pakistan are on the brink of yet another war. Like its democratic counterpart in India the military dictatorship of General Musharraf is also not doing much to ease tensions. Pakistanis and Indians are angry at hate-mongering of the governments. Peace rallies are being held in major cities of both countries. The Joint Action Committee, an umbrella group of radical NGOs, socialist organisations and non-NGO peace groups of journalists and professional engineers and statisticians had a successful vigil on Dec 31st at the Karachi Press Club. Encouraged by the response they decided to hold another at Hassan Square, the new city centre. However soon as the protestors gathered on January 7th the police started dispersing them. Some adamant protestors refused to disperse and two were arrested and one bruised. The hundreds who arrived later were turned away. All this brutality took place despite earlier police assurances that sidewalk protest would not be stopped.
11 February 2002 UTAH DUMBS DOWN "TERRORISM" DEFNINITION The Utah House of Representatives on Feb. 4 passed Bill 100; a new law which would criminalize acts of protest and civil disobedience, such as holding a sit-in on a company's steps, as "commercial terrorism."
04 February 2002 Indonesian Cleric Is Suspected of Being a Terrorist The biography of Riduan Isamuddin, 36, is not unlike that of hundreds of other men his age in this region. He attended an Islamic boarding school in his home country of Indonesia, left when the government cracked down on his brand of Islam, went off to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, then became an itinerant preacher here, espousing a Muslim state from here to the Philippines.
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