Screened documentary videos and films

17 Jan 2002 Screened documentary videos and films, such as ECLIPSE (on the womens movement in Bangladesh and the conservative religious reaction to it), Father, Son and the Holy War (on the symbiotic relationship between patriarchy and religious bigotry in India), The War Crimes File (on unpunished war criminals from the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh) , SOMETHING LIKE

Raised funds

17 Jan 2002 Raised funds for relief work and activist organizations in South Asia, including during the flood in 1998 in Bangladesh

lectures and panel discussions

17 Jan 2002 Organized lectures and panel discussions on politcal issues of relevance to South Asia, with noted activists and scholars, such as Asghar Ali Engineer (social scientist from India), Asma Jahangir (human rights activist from Pakistan), Ananad Patwardhan (activist film director from India), Maitrayee Choudhury (on the Uniform Civil Code) and Noam Chomsky


17 Jan 2002 Womens movement in Bangladesh and the reaction of the religious right. Color (English). 60 min.

South Asia Day

14 Aug 2004 Alliance for A Secular and Democratic South Asia invites you to Celebrate South Asia Day Poetry, Music and Dinner August 14th, 2004 at 7:00pm at MIT (Room To Be Announced) (With Help From AID)

Youth Conference

17 Jul 1998 SASSY 1998 South Asian Solidarity Seminar for Youth social consciousness for a new generation of South Asians a JULY 17-19th weekend for 17-23 year olds Topics of the Workshop Who defines my identity? What is my “race”? Does my gender matter? What can I do about inequality? Why? TODAY, WITH: growing social