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what is inclusion in education scotland

It also involves providing appropriate learning support so that all learners have the opportunity to maximize their learning outcomes. An inclusive approach to education means that each individual learner is valued and that they are treated with dignity and respect.
Our Inclusive Education and Learning Policy [DOC] sets out our commitment to making education and learning more inclusive. This policy should be read in association with the following guidance documents:

Inclusive education is now established as part of a global agenda and as such national governments, and their agencies, strive to produce and implement policies to promote inclusion. Scotland is no exception and in 2002 Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIe) published a review of ‘good practice’ in the field of inclusion in Scottish schools. This paper is an analysis of the HMIe policy document in terms of research ‘of ’ policy, with analysis focused on context, text and consequences. The paper begins by arguing that to base policy on good practice is potentially flawed in a number of areas, especially given the heterogeneity of inclusive practice and the loss in translation of practice from the global to the vernacular level. However, it concludes that by the use of ‘backward mapping’ good practice may indeed be able to inform future policy.
1. The Scottish Executive was renamed the Scottish Government in 2007 after the election to government of the Scottish National Party.

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We believe that LGBT history, role models & equalities education should be taught within all schools in order to tackle prejudice and bullying. To achieve this, we work with decision makers and deliver services with dedicated volunteers to raise awareness, heighten knowledge, and foster good relations.