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19 Oct 2018

Legalization of Marijuana also known as cannabis in U.S. has been not only a contemporary but also a controversial issue. However, twenty-four states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes with recreational use legalized only in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia.

In my opinion, which I mentioned in my essay on why marijuana should be legal is that there is no reason to deny other people freedom by falsified facts and fear mongering on marijuana. Marijuana should be legalized in the US. Cannabis could overshadow cotton as a cash crop in US history. The industry is such large and profitable with the potential of boosting the economy and creating the much-needed job opportunities. However, some will argue that the cost associated with marijuana use is too far than the benefits. They forget that alcohol and cigarettes that are already legal are more harmful than marijuana. However, why deny the consumers the freedom out of a baseless belief?

Currently, the government spends a lot of citizens’ tax dollars on marijuana prohibition enforcement. Why not save the amount and put it into the productive use of preventing the cannabis from landing in the hands of juniors and high school goers as many opponents of legalization argue. It makes economic sense when we release the many marijuana convicts filling our jails accounting for over 12 percent of the prisoners. When America legalized tobacco smoking the rise on the drug use was short lived with comprehensive laws on its use enacted. Marijuana is not different, and it will follow suit, and the teens remain better protected from its use with public education on its use enhanced.

Internationally, drug cartels accumulate much wealth out of the profitable marijuana business. Through legalization, the criminal element in the marijuana will be removed helping to reduce the size of America black market. Marijuana like any other drug will be highly taxed reduced the tax burden on non-users who pay high taxes to cater for marijuana prohibition. Who would hate a tax cut? In the long run, the recreational use of marijuana would reduce as the purchasing cost increases.

Medical practitioners and researchers have published tons of articles on marijuana as an all in one medicine that has tiny chances of an overdose. However, the drug prescription remains a problem since no comprehensive guideline on its use. Even in the 24 states that it is legally allowed for medical purposes, physicians lack know-how on marijuana dosage, treatment, and prescription whether a patient to smoke, eat, or vaporize it. The situation creates the need to introduce a curriculum in medical schools on medical marijuana. However, at this point, opponents have a divide of mind when cure lies in marijuana.

Socially, marijuana smoking is known to be fun, enjoyable, and brings happiness. In the US the level of depression is always on an upward trend over the generations with suicide rate increasing. If marijuana smoking will reduce depressions why deny people a chance to enjoy life by legalizing it? Even the opponents if they knew they would enjoy life with cannabis at reach legally then they will celebrate and support the legalization.

In a nutshell, the state should speedily execute marijuana legalization in the US. However, appropriate strategies need to be put in place to eliminate minors use of the drug, increase public awareness and knowledge on the disastrous consequents of over-use and prevent road carnages from impaired driving.