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17 Jul 1998

SASSY 1998

South Asian Solidarity Seminar for Youth

social consciousness for a new generation of South Asians

a JULY 17-19th weekend for 17-23 year olds

Topics of the Workshop

Who defines my identity?
What is my “race”?
Does my gender matter?
What can I do about inequality?

TODAY, WITH: growing social and economic inequalities, increasing attacks on immigrants, the continuing struggles of women and people of color, the silencing of our histories


connect everyday struggles to historical and political contexts, promote critical awareness, and become part of the movement for social change. Workshops Include: South Asian identity questions and immigrant struggles Gender, class, and sexuality in South Asian diaspora Cultural activism: arts for social change For more information contact:, [email protected] or call (617) 497-4099

Sponsored by

Alliance for Secular & Democratic South Asia, proXsa (Progressive South Asian Exchange Net), FOPA (Forum of Progressive Artists), SAAAC (South Asian Action & Advocacy Collective) and the SINGH (Secular India’s National Growth and Harmony) Foundation


MIT/Northeastern University Campus, Boston