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In response to the rising communalization of South Asian societies, the Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia was formed in January 1993.

The Alliance is made up of concerned individuals in the Boston area. It represents many South Asian countries as well as people of South Asian descent in the USA. Since its conception it has consistently sought to spread awareness about the challenges against secularism and Democracy in South Asia.  It has also always expressed solidarity with other  movements against injustice and oppression.  Events organized by the Alliance include film screenings, talks, cultural programs, vigils and rallies.

In coalition with other progressive groups in the Boston Area, the Alliance offers an open platform to all for participation in creative solutions to the challenges facing our people. We meet every week to debate, organize and plan. Please contact us at for more information.

Special: The Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF and the American Funding of Hindutva

Petition to protest Modi's visit, New York 2005 - March 2005


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The Big Mistake of Volunteering: The "Savior" Complex

No one wants to carry the world's problems on their shoulders. As much there seem to be ways to help the intensity of these problems appear to weigh down on every individual. In the long run, most people develop some sort of fear and tend to adopt the "escapism" path in dealing with matters of the world. However, this may not be the case for every individual since the thought of responsibility for saving or assisting others is inevitable for some people. Such people suffer from a "messiah" complex or "savior" complex - a state of mind where a person holds the belief that he/she has the calling to be a savior. Read More

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The Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia was formed in 1993 to combat rising religious intolerance in South Asia and to campaign for peace and justice in the region. We are committed to working towards a just, non-violent resolution of the crisis we are currently living through. If you are interested in joining us in this work, please call 617-983-3934 or e-mail

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